Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Graphite Pencil,

Hanuman is known by many names, one of them is Aanjaneya, which means "Son of Anjani".

Manojavam Marut Tulya Vegam,
Jitendriyam Budhimatam Varishtam
Vaataatmajam Vaanar Yoothmukkyam,
Shri Ram Dhootam Sharanam Prapadye.

I take refuge in Lord Hanuman (sharanam prapadye), the messenger of Lord Ram (sri rama dhootam), who is as swift as thought (manojavam-),who is faster than the wind (marut.tulya.vegam-),who has completely conquered his senses (jitendriyam-), who is the wisest of the wise (budhimatam varishtam), the son of the wind-god (vaataatmajam-), the leader of apes (vaanar.yooth.mukhyam-) .

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