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12" x 10", Acrylic on Canvas Board
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This painting depicts a scene from Shiva and Gauri’s marriage. Kalyaana means “Marriage”, Sundara means “Beautiful” and Murti means “Image”. Hence Kalyaana-Sundara-Murti is the beautiful image of Shiva during his marriage.

The Dyaana Mantra depicts the ritual of Kanyaadaana wherein Lord Vishnu is giving away the hand of Gauri to Shiva in marriage. Shiva is depicted as having four hands. In the back hands he holds a deer and an axe. In his front right hand, he holds the right hand of Gauri and his front left hand is in mudra of blessing (varada mudra). He is wearing a crescent moon on his head and his hairs are in matted locks piled atop his head like a crown. He has a bright lustre like a coral and wears various ornaments.

Gauri also has her hairs in matted locks piled atop her head in the shape of a crown. She holds a lotus in her left hand and from her right hand she holds the right hand of Shiva. She has dark body complexion and wears various beautiful ornaments.

Vishnu is standing beside Gauri doing her Kanyaadaana to Shiva. He is depicted as having four hands and he holds disk and conch in the back hands. With his front right hand, he is about to pour water that symbolizes giving away of Gauri (Kanyaadaana) to Shiva.

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