Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet Memories :)

These snaps are of Pithoragarh. A beautiful small town in Uttaranchal state. I spent my whole childhood there. At that time it was an unknown,untouched place of Uttar Pradesh. People weren't aware of this beautiful town. But now it's a tourist place...

I didn't visit Pithoragarh after my dad's transfer. But the sweet memories of the town are still with me...And ofcourse a precious collection of snaps...

Way to Chandak (a beautiful morning) :)

The yellow building at the valley(left) was my school...Isn't it a beautiful place?

A snap we took in Chandak...At the right side, it's Magnesite Factory.

Nop,it's not fog...these are clouds :)

What a beautiful winter morning was that...It snowed everyday for more than a week...And this snap was of the outside of our back door...Wow, I miss my childhood...


  1. such a beautiful place, looks really heavenly, surly I'm gonna visit this place :D

  2. wow this place looks so beautiful.

  3. Amazing pictures~!