Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jessica Alba, Pencil Sketch

Jessica Alba
Pencil Sketch, 18/06/2012

Here I tried to draw a pencil potrait of Jessica Alba. I feel, I have managed to capture the essense of the original. But clearly there are many differences between the original picture and my sketch. Serious improvements are required in the orientation of the torso and the facial expressions.

In the original photo Jessica's face is tilted towards her left but I have drawn it straight. And this changed orientation is the most basic reason due to which the sketch looks different from original. Further, shape of face is also different. In my potrait it is more wider than the original. Then the eyes in the sketch are also a bit wider and the direction of her sight is also different owing to the changed orientation.

In case of nose, I have managed to bring out the three dimentional effect but I believe it could have been exactly as it is in original if I would have worked more on the shading at the nostril area.I guess among the dissimilarities, the most visible is her lips. They do not look similar at all.

Lastly, there needs to be improvement in the shading as well.They clearly appear different below the eyes and in the neck area. Shading of hairs have come out good, but shading below neck could have been smoother.

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