Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ma Sharada

Ma Sharada
Acrylic on Canvas, 18" X 24"
Original: $460, (Approx. Rs. 25,000/-)

"Sharada" is another name of Goddess Saraswati. She is the Goddess of knowledge and learning. 

I have depicted Sharada according to the description given in following mantra-

मालासुधाकुम्भ विबोधमुद्रा
विद्याविराजत्करवारिजाताम् ।
अपारकारुण्य सुधाम्बुराशिं
श्रीशारादाम्बां प्रणतोऽस्मि नित्यम् ॥

Daily I bow to Sri Sharadamba, the boundless ocean of mercy, who bears in her lustrous, lotus-like hands the rosary, the jar of nectar, the mudra of wisdom, and the book of knowledge.

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  1. Beautiful work! I enjoyed learning about Sharada.

  2. Great work in expressing yourself!

  3. Very nice work.