Monday, September 9, 2013

Laddu Ganesha


Laddu Ganesha
Digital Painting (MS Paint)

This is a digital painting of Laddu Ganesha ( i.e. Ganesha with sweets). Often, Ganesha is depicted as fond of sweets and other food items. "Laddu"here is a symbolic representation of "Food". Food represent Gross/Physical Existence i.e. Annamaya Kosha. Hence,Ganesha is also called as lord of Muladhara Chakra that exist in Annamaya-Kosha.

The Physical Universe is made of elements that exist either as solid, liquid, gas or as transforming energy or as space. These 5 states of physical existence are together called as "Food/Anna" in Hindu philosophy. And, Ganesha is the presiding God and controller of every aspect of this Physical Universe. Hence,he is always depicted as being fond of food. Because, it is gross food that nourishes life in this plane of existence.

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