Thursday, November 3, 2016

How I see myself

If you have seen the American TV series "Friends", then you surely know who Chandler Bing is. Thinking about his role in the series, I feel like I am his lady version. It's not like I am a daughter of some erotic novelist mother and a gay, cross-dressing Las Vegas star father. No, my parents are perfectly simple people. But here I am talking about Chandler's character. The way he is awkward among people. See the video and you will see how he plans to do something and ends up doing something really weird.

Yes, that's me. I am always awkward among people. I don't know what to say or what to do when I meet people. I think of a lot many things that I can talk about, but those thoughts never turn into actual words and I end up portraying myself as a scary kid or a dumb girl. Well, it's really beneficial sometimes, but at other times after meeting someone, for a few days I keep thinking "why the f*** did I say that" or "oh how cool it would have been if I had said this".

It's almost never happened that I was comfortable meeting any new person. But as I said almost, the only person that I was never awkward with, even in my first meeting, is the one I am married to. For some reason I was so comfortable that I did not feel like I was meeting him for the first time. I was confident, happy, and myself.

Anyways, that's me and to those who have met me and think that I am weird, I can only say- No, you have no idea how weird I can actually be. You just have seen the trailer, and I pray to God that the actual movie never gets released.

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