Monday, February 2, 2015

Bharati- The Mother India

Bharati- The Mother India
12" x 10", Acrylic on Canvas
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Painting of Mā Bhārati- the personification of India. The image depicts Mother India as coming out of a fire-sacrifice in which the oceans act as the fire-pit. Yajna or fire-sacrifice is the symbolic representation of cosmic manifestation of the universe. 

Ma Bharati is holding in her hands, a Cloth, a Rosary, Grains and a Scripture. Grains and Cloth represent basic human needs of food and clothing. And hence, She is the provider and nourisher of mundane needs of her people. The Rosary and the Scripture represent the Spiritual needs of the people. She spiritually uplifts people by leading them to ultimate goal of Jnana (Realization). Hence, She provides both Bukti (Worldly comforts) and Mukti (Spiritual Liberation) to millions of Children who reside in her (i.e. in India)

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