Sunday, January 18, 2015


20" x 24", Tanjore Style Painting
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This is a painting of "Goddess Indraakshi" done in Tanjore Style embossed with 22K Gold. The painting is based on the meditative descriptions (Dhyana Mantra) mentioned in "Indraakshi-kalpa". 

Dhyana Mantra: 
indrAkShIM dvibhujAM devIM pItavastradvayAnvitAm | 
vAmahaste vajradharAM dakShiNena varapradAm || 
indrAkShIM saha yuvatii.n naanaala~Nkaara-bhuuShitaam | 
prasannavadanAmbhojAM apsarogaNa-sevitAm || 

Meaning: Indraakshi has two arms, wears a pair of Yellow clothes. She carries the weapon Vajra in her left hand and the gesture of granting wishes in her right hand. She is young and decorated with many ornaments. Her lotus like face is calm and Apsaras (Celestial performers) serve her.

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